Twin Lake (Buyan & Tamlingan Lake)

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Twin Lakes Bali

Lake Buyan is a nature perserve and Lake Tamlingan is isolated a naural forest. Hiking from lake Buyan into the virgin forest behind the volcanoes is a trip into the past. NO hassel cool air and the most beautiful forest. Plus the Bali botanical garens and real wild monkeys and deer.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, separated by a rainforest-covered hill, are known as the Twin Lakes. This sight is a great overview of the volcanic heart of Bali. Volcanoes have created and shaped this island, creating volcanic cones and lakes, and producing rich soils enabling a lush forest to grow. Lake Buyan (on the left here) is Bali’s second biggest lake, after Lake Batur.

Coming from the southern developed areas of Sanur, Denpasar or Kuta, here we realize what Bali really is about. Grand Nature, like about the whole Indonesian Archipelago. It was a choice of the authorities to dedicate the south of the island to cities and large scale tourism, and leave the rest of the island less urbanized.

This stop over the Twin Lakes is often part a tour in the northern part of Bali, frequently including the Gitgit Waterfalls, the Banjar Hot Spring pools and the Brahma Arama Buddhist Monastery.

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