Munduk Waterfall

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Munduk Waterfall

Munduk is the name of a quiet village situated on a hill road surrounded by breathtaking views. It is situated at about 1500 meters above sea level, in the northern part of Bali, Buleleng. The location is accessible via public transportation, locally called a "bemo" or private vehicles whether cars or motorbikes, and takes about two hours driving from Denpasar to the north, passing through the main road to Buleleng.

Track down to Munduk Waterfall
Munduk village has a wonderful 200 meters high waterfall with water containing sulfur that can help to rejuvenate your skin or recover your skin problems like dermatitis, itch, and many others. There are also hectares of clove, coffee plantations, and any other features that might lure travelers to stop to enjoy the stunning views there.
In addition, you can breath the fresh air (free of air pollution).
If you are able to visit Munduk, it will take you into a very different atmosphere, feeling like you are on the top of a mountain and when the sunset comes, you can see very exciting views and the sea-water shining in the distance.
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The noisy sound of the falling water will welcome you when you reach your destination. A simple traditional hut has been built near the waterfall, which is sometimes used for meditation after your trip especially at night-time.
Take a bath, swim and sink your body in the water which is cool, fresh, pure and not polluted by any chemical garbage. However, you are only allowed to do this when there is no rain, to avoid a landslide.
If you are looking for a serene Buddhist Monastery in Bali the Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Monastery is just the perfect place for you. Perched on a slope of a hill, Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Temple and Monastery rise majestically overlooking a sea with lush green hill as a background. Precisely, the Monastery is located in Tegehe hamlet, the village of Banjar, near Lovina, in Buleleng Regency.
This monastery is not a tourist attraction, the monastery still serves as place for praying, worshipping and meditating for the Buddhist communities in North Bali. Everyday, you can find some worshipper come to pay homage in the monastery, but the peak of the visitors is on the holy Vaisak day, in which most Buddhist in north Bali come to this monastery to celebrate the Vaisak.
Brahmavira Arama Monastery is a terraced temple complex in which each level has its own structures. Each structure is adorned with exuberant Balinese woodcarvings which show the assimilation of Balinese culture into the architecture of the monastery. On the highest level of the complex you can find a miniature version of Borobudur (biggest Buddhist Temple). This monastery also boasts of a huge temple bell donated from Thailand, panels depicting Buddha Fables, and Buddha Sculpture. And of course monastery has a few praying rooms with golden Buddha’s statues, you can also find several Buddha statues in the garden.
Once again, this Buddhist is not a tourist attraction, entrance is free, but if you want to make a donation please do not hesitate. You can also borrow sarongs you may need to enter the temple for free.

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