Places of Interest

Tirta Gangga - Bali Water Palace

Tirta Gangga - Bali Water Palace Tirtagangga, meaning holy water of the Ganges in Balinese, is one of the world's romantic gardens out of time. Gushing springs flowing from beneath an ancient Banyan tree and holy temple fill the myriad reflecting and swimming pools that grace the Water Palace.

The prominent 11 tiered lotus fountain has become the symbol for Tirtagangga since its creation by the late Raja of Karangasem in 1948. After a tour of the Versaille Palace in France, the Raja was inspired to create his second Water Palace in the mountains overlooking his kingdom. The waters of the holy spring have been praised by island healers for their healing and youth giving powers. Thus the Raja named them after the holy river Ganges in India which is famous for these qualities. It is said that if one bathes in the waters of Tirtagangga on the full moon you will be blessed with lasting youth and your illnesses will be healed. Tirtagangga is the "Fountain of Youth" of Bali.

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Taman Ujung Karangasem

Taman Ujung Water Palace Taman Soekasada Ujung has been announced to be a cultural tourist object for it is noted as one of several cultural heritages exist in Karangasem regency. The complex of this water palace is the combination of Balinese and European architectures. There are 3 big and large ponds inside the area. In the middle of the main pond, there is a building that connected to the edge of the pond by 2 bridges.

On the most tip of the highest level of this complex, we will find a great statue of "warak" (rhinoceros). Beneath the warak there is a Bull statue. From this high place we will see a marvellous view of sea, hills with lush and green forest, the beauty of Mount Agung combined with the green terraced rice fields.

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Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall Munduk is the name of a quiet village situated on a hill road surrounded by breathtaking views. It is situated at about 1500 meters above sea level, in the northern part of Bali, Buleleng. The location is accessible via public transportation, locally called a "bemo" or private vehicles whether cars or motorbikes, and takes about two hours driving from Denpasar to the north, passing through the main road to Buleleng.

Munduk village has a wonderful 200 meters high waterfall with water containing sulfur that can help to rejuvenate your skin or recover your skin problems like dermatitis, itch, and many others. There are also hectares of clove, coffee plantations, and any other features that might lure travelers to stop to enjoy the stunning views there.
In addition, you can breath the fresh air (free of air pollution).

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Twin Lake (Buyan & Tamlingan Lake)

Twin Lakes Bali Lake Buyan is a nature perserve and Lake Tamlingan is isolated a naural forest. Hiking from lake Buyan into the virgin forest behind the volcanoes is a trip into the past. NO hassel cool air and the most beautiful forest. Plus the Bali botanical garens and real wild monkeys and deer.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, separated by a rainforest-covered hill, are known as the Twin Lakes. This sight is a great overview of the volcanic heart of Bali. Volcanoes have created and shaped this island, creating volcanic cones and lakes, and producing rich soils enabling a lush forest to grow. Lake Buyan (on the left here) is Bali’s second biggest lake, after Lake Batur.

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